We help you get bank financing and we go hand in hand with the buyer at all times.
The first step you should do is get an initial prequalification to know if you are eligible for bank financing. This must be done before starting any type of negotiation or before mooring a property. It is a very simple procedure and it takes two or three days to obtain the prequalification.
We have executives in practically all banking and financial institutions that help us process all the credits of our clients.
Once the prequalification has been obtained, all the documents requested by the banking or financial institution are presented. But basically it is to present your income, whether you are a salaried worker or an independent worker, to know your credit obligations or current debts, family obligations and to verify that the bank fee that you would be paying for your credit does not exceed 30% or 40% of your income, this depending on the institution with which you want to carry out the procedure.